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Whether you need a funeral straightaway or would like to plan ahead, we are dedicated to providing simple, respectful cremations with hand delivery of the ashes without a funeral service.

Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Ltd is the plan provider and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (reg no FRN 965260)

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Simple, accessible and dignified cremations

We take care of the hard part, so families can focus on celebrating the life of their loved one their way. 

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In a single payment (Monthly payment options available).

Plan ahead and give your loved ones the freedom to hold a more positive and more personal celebration of life.

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All inclusive prices. No hidden fees.

Arrange a simple cremation for someone who has died and take all the time you need to organise a separate farewell.

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The Pure way

A direct cremation and separate celebration

   A dignified cremation service with no mourners in attendance

   A simple, elegant coffin design in solid wood from sustainably managed forests

   You can focus on the relationships and life story of the deceased rather than on a formal ‘show’

   You can create a personal goodbye in a familiar setting - whether that’s a garden barbeque or a scattering ceremony at sea

   A lower carbon footprint

The old way

A typical traditional cremation

   A set format provided by a local funeral home and including viewing, a service and cremation at the nearest crematorium

   Your family will need to choose the coffin, the number of ceremonial vehicles, flowers, music, date, time and who should attend. Standard service times vary from 20-50 mins

   Less personal, more rushed


Why Pure Cremation?

  • We are dedicated to providing simple, respectful cremations with hand delivery of the ashes without a funeral service, and with every stage of care carried out by our own lovely people
  • One of the UK's leading providers of direct cremations
  • 7+ years' experience providing Direct Cremations
  • Seamless care for you and your loved one; from the initial phone call to the hand delivery of the ashes


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Request our complete guide today - explore whether a Pure Cremation Plan is right for you and discover the different payment options available. If you would like to request an audio version, please call us.

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