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How does a direct cremation work?

A beautiful funeral made affordable. Here’s how: We provide the dignified, low-cost cremation and your family create a truly personal, separate farewell on your terms. What we do:


We care for you

You will need to register the death, but our expert team guide you through the simple paperwork. They’ll provide updates for your comfort and reassurance, including the cremation date if you wish to know it. (Please note: we can only give a time where an attended committal has been requested)


We collect your loved one

We will respectfully bring your loved one into our care and they rest safely with us until the cremation


We care for your loved one

Our trained team will look after the deceased with care and respect, placing them in a solid wood eco-coffin after removing medical devices (if required) and safeguarding any personal items such as jewellery


We carry out their simple, unattended cremation

The deceased is conveyed to the crematorium on the date confirmed with you. There’s no service but that is the only difference – everyone is treated with the same great care and dignity


We hand-deliver their ashes

Ashes are placed in an urn made of recycled materials featuring a unique ceramic identity disc and returned by appointment by our own staff. Any personal items such as jewellery will be returned at this time


You plan a celebration of their life

We take care of the hard part, so you can focus on celebrating the life of your loved one the way they would want. Plan a personal farewell

If someone has died and you need our help

If the person that has died is resting at either their home, a nursing home or hospice then please call us as soon as possible on 0800 033 7737.


We will let you know when to expect our team to arrive with you, but always remember that there is no rush.


Please feel free to tell us how much time you need to allow everyone to say their own goodbye.


What to do when someone dies

Live chat.

Say a more personal goodbye - where, when and how you choose

What’s included in a Pure Cremation funeral

We are committed to transparent pricing without hidden fees. Our service includes everything you need for a simple, unattended cremation and safe return of the ashes (if desired). 

Our £1,295 includes the following:

Care and support for you from our lovely people throughout, including all administration and including regular updates, answering all your questions and guiding you through all the paperwork

Dignified care of the body by our own staff and at our own facilities

Cremation fees for an unattended committal at Charlton Park Crematorium or another carefully selected venue that we choose

Respectful transfer to the crematorium

Collection of the deceased within working hours from any hospital or public mortuary in mainland England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (includes the Isle of Wight and Isle of Skye)

Doctor’s fees where required

A solid pine eco-coffin (or suitable alternative)

Personal hand delivery of the ashes by Pure Cremation staff to any mainland address within England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (includes the Isle of Wight and Isle of Skye) or the option to scatter them in the Garden of Remembrance

Optional services that you may wish to add

Each Pure Cremation includes everything needed for a simple unattended cremation, but on rare occasions families ask for the urgent return of ashes or to be present at the crematorium.

Not everyone passes away in a hospital and we offer prompt care for you and your loved one whether this is at home, a care home or in a hospice setting.


Call us any time, day or night, to discuss what happens next. We will come as soon as possible and you’ll get a clear indication of our team’s likely arrival time. It is always helpful to know whether your loved one is upstairs or not, and whether they are more than 15 stone in weight as we might need to send additional staff for safe and dignified transfer.


Pure Cremation has the expertise, equipment and systems to ensure all of the legal requirements for a cremation are met.


We can work with any GP practice across England and Wales to achieve this quickly and smoothly. Doctors’ cremation certificates are not required in Scotland and Northern Ireland.




Price correct at July 2022

Return of ashes within 21 days of the cremation is INCLUDED in our price, but please let us know if you have planned a scattering or memorial service sooner than this.


You can specify a day and time for the return of your loved-one’s ashes, including evenings and weekends for an additional fee of




Price correct at July 2022


Families can arrange to collect ashes from the crematorium. There is no charge for this.


Please note that this service is not available for ashes crossing the border between England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Even though there is no formal service, you can arrange a private farewell at one of the crematorium venues we use, accompanied by your choice of music.

We want to emphasise that a Pure Cremation is a distinctive service, not a cheap funeral, so there are some restrictions:

  • A maximum of 12 people may attend
  • A service time of 20 minutes
  • Celebrants are not permitted

Charlton Park Crematorium in Hampshire offers times to suit you, including evenings and weekends - for an extra £250.

Committals at other venues are only available 9am Mon – Fri - for an extra £400.

Price correct at July 2022

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How we compare

We’ve done the market research, so you don’t have to.

How does a Pure Cremation differ from a traditional cremation?

A direct cremation simply separates the farewell ceremony from the practical aspects of the cremation. The standard of care and cremation should be just as high as that provided for a traditional service.

What you get
A Pure Cremation
Traditional Cremation

Collection of the deceased

Family viewing


Choice of cremation date

Hearse to the crematorium

Funeral service

Wake or reception

Return of ashes

You decide

You decide

There’s more than one way to say goodbye

Did you know that you can celebrate a loved ones’ life anytime, anywhere?


You can do this with or without the ashes, choosing a location and style that reflects the life that has been lived:

Where the heart is

Where the heart is

Intimate farewells at home with ashes laid to rest in much loved garden are increasingly popular

Happy places

Happy places

A favourite beauty spot or woodland walk make wonderful remembrance locations that can be visited again and again

Natural wonders

Natural wonders

The inspiring effect of mountains or the ocean can be profoundly uplifting and comforting

Spirtual home.

Spirtual home

A church, a social group or even a sports venue that has significance

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