Why choose Direct Cremation?

Is Direct Cremation right for you?

More families are seeking to break away from the traditional funeral format, and many are turning to direct cremation because of these benefits:

The family can be in charge of things

A more personal goodbye

Lower cost

Hold your farewell somewhere comfortable and familiar 

Fulfil any expressed wish for a “no-fuss” cremation

Focus on the celebration of life

How does a Pure Cremation differ from a traditional cremation?

A direct cremation simply separates the farewell ceremony from the practical aspects of the cremation. The standard of care and cremation should be just as high as that provided for a traditional service.

What you get
A Pure Cremation
Traditional Cremation

Collection of the deceased

Family viewing


Choice of cremation date

Hearse to the crematorium

Funeral service

Wake or reception

Return of ashes

You decide

You decide

There’s more than one way to say goodbye

Did you know that you can celebrate a loved one's life anytime, anywhere?


You can do this with or without the ashes, choosing a location and style that reflects the life that has been lived:

Where the heart is

Where the heart is


Intimate farewells at home with ashes laid to rest in much loved garden are increasingly popular
Happy places

Happy places


A favourite beauty spot or woodland walk make wonderful remembrance locations that can be visited again and again
Natural Wonders

Natural wonders


The inspiring effect of mountains or the ocean can be profoundly uplifting and comforting
Spiritual home

Spiritual home


A church, a social group or even a sports venue that has significance

Quality care every step of the way

Our own carefully trained people look after you and your loved one from the first telephone call through to the hand delivery of the ashes.

We designed, built and operate Charlton Park Crematorium, in Hampshire, to ensure seamless and consistent care. This is where clients from England and Wales are cared for and their unattended cremations take place.

If your family would like a more local cremation venue we offer an attended committal using carefully selected partner venues. There is a £250 additional charge for this option which allows up to 12 people quiet time in the chapel with some of their favourite music playing. (Some restrictions apply.)

Follow the links for information about how we care for clients from Scotland.

You can ask us about anything that matters to you. We want you to have complete confidence in the care your loved one receives, the identity of the ashes that are returned and even how we manage our impact on the planet.

Every step of your loved one's journey is carefully recorded via a hospital-standard system. This means we can always give you accurate information about their care and present location.

We use a ceramic token to confirm the identity of each set of ashes. This token is presented within the biodegradable ashes container so you can be sure the correct ashes have been returned to you.

We use the latest cremation and filtration equipment to ensure that the air emitted from our crematorium is extremely clean. We’ve chosen a cellulose ashes container instead of using plastic urns and we consider the way we consume and conserve energy throughout the business. Carbon Footprint Report 2020

Our customers say the nicest things

See what families say about a Pure Cremation Funeral Plan.

Questions our customers ask

direct cremation is a valid, legal and increasingly popular alternative to a traditional funeral. This style of send-off separates the two parts of the funeral – the committal and the ceremony.


Simplicity - We carry out the cremation, offering the same level of care and respect as the best local funeral director, but without the fuss and the big black cars.


Lower Cost - Our price reflects the very simple nature of our service. 


Choice - We take care of the practicalities leaving you and your family free to decide where, when and how to say goodbye, and how much you want to spend. This offers the chance to create a truly personal send-off on your terms.

9 out of 10 direct cremations are unattended at Pure Cremation, which means there are no mourners present for a funeral service at the crematorium or at the cremation itself. Our experienced cremation technicians will carry out the process with utmost respect and without anyone present – whether that is family or friends.

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