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The team at Pure Cremation are media friendly experts available for comments, interviews or information about direct cremation, funeral trends, funeral plans and the changing face of the UK funeral landscape.


We also have a number of clients who are available to journalists looking for background information or comment on the growing popularity of direct cremation and the reasons for choosing our services.


A funeral without the service

A direct cremation is a modern alternative to a traditional cremation funeral. The cremation takes place completely separately from the personal farewell, allowing families to create their own special remembrance in their own time. It’s perfect for people who don’t like funerals.


Families tell us that creating a beautiful funeral with the ashes urn or a favourite photograph as the focal point is less daunting and more accessible.


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BFFS Report

The Big Future of Funerals Survey 2022

With 17,135 responses from Pure Cremation Funeral Planning customers the 2022 report offers important insights into how consumer attitudes have already changed, and how UK funerals will evolve.


Since 2019 there has been a dramatic and rapid increase in the number of direct cremation plan holders, with sales of this style of plan growing faster than any other. This indicates that the appeal of direct cremation has broadened very quickly, and the pace of this change will be of real concern, presenting an unprecedented challenge to all those providers who rely on customers choosing a more traditional send-off.