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Choosing the right Direct Cremation provider

To help you find the right Direct Cremation funeral provider for you and your family, we've compared the features of our service with the other top UK providers.

Pure Cremation



Doctors' fees

Urgent/out of hours collection

Removal of medical devices

Delivery of ashes

Type of coffin

Option to attend*

Bereavement Support Services

Source (correct at 13 July 2022)

United Kingdom



Solid wood


Great Britain








Great Britain



Variable cost - identified at time of need




Great Britain





*Attended committals at Charlton Park Crematorium, which offers times to suit you, including evenings and weekends are an extra £250. Committals at other venues are only available 9am Mon – Fri - for an extra £400.

The information in this comparison table is correct on the date of publishing July 2022. United Kingdom refers to England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. Great Britain refers to England, Wales & Scotland.

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No hidden costs

While other providers may appear to offer the same service at a lower price, it's always good to check what exactly is included as sometimes there are hidden costs. We take pride in offering a service provided by Pure Cremation Ltd that includes everything you need for a direct cremation.


As a direct cremation provider 100% dedicated to this style of service, we offer a unique promise – totally seamless care from our professional team from the very first call through to the return of your loved-one’s ashes.


This specialist approach has another benefit – we will never try to sell you a more expensive funeral than the one you have asked for.


Say a more personal goodbye - where, when and how you choose

Why did we include details about the coffin?

Being an environmentally friendly company helps us reduce our impact on the environment (Carbon Footprint Report 2020)

It is important, as many funeral directors use veneered coffins that release pollutants into the atmosphere

We provide a simple solid wood coffin to each client, carefully selected for its durability, elegance and good eco-credentials

Our coffins are made from wood sourced from FSC Certified forests where the trees are sustainably managed

We do not use cardboard

We also do not use cardboard coffins for a number of reasons. Cardboard leaves a residue in the cremator and does not help fuel the cremation process in the same way that wood does. This means that more gas is required to carry out a cremation, entirely negating any environmental benefit. Plus, cardboard coffins are actually more expensive than wooden ones.