How do I know these are my mum’s ashes?

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State of the Art Monitoring of Care

An important part of the care of your loved one is correct identification at every stage. At Pure Cremation, we have developed a system, similar to those used in hospitals, that allows us to record each stage of care and which member of staff delivered it instantly. So you can be confident that your loved one is in safe hands, and that they have been returned safely to you after the cremation. Our system includes the following:

QR Barcoded Wristbands

At Pure Cremation, as soon as each person arrives in our care, they receive a unique QR-coded wristband. This wristband is scanned at each step and this information is added to the client’s digital and physical record, along with any notes from the caregiver.

GPS Tracked Vans

Each vehicle in our fleet is GPS tracked, so we can always see where our vans are, where they have been and what routes they have taken. This helps us plan and deliver the swiftest care and minimise distress. Respect and dignity are two of our “watchwords”, and we demonstrate this with excellent onboard equipment that is safe and easy to use, plus privacy curtains.

Digital Logging

Every action our employees take is carefully digitally logged, giving us a complete history of your loved one’s journey, in real time, from the moment they arrive with us. We can clearly see every step, from who brought them into our care, to which technician prepared the ashes for return to you, and who delivered them.

At the Crematorium

Before being accepted by the crematorium manager every coffin is checked to ensure that the details on the coffin plate or label exactly matches the legally recorded information provided by the Registrar or Coroner. This avoids mix-ups, and confirmation is logged in your loved one’s digital record.

The cremation chamber can only accept one adult coffin at a time, so each cremation is entirely individual, and carefully monitored throughout. Every coffin is scanned when accepted for cremation, scanned again before being placed in the cremation chamber, and then twice more during the handling and processing of the ashes. The ashes containers also feature a label with this unique code so that their departure from the crematorium and final delivery to you can be recorded digitally too.

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Ceramic Verification Discs

Even though the cremation chamber can only accept one coffin at a time, we are taking the additional step of providing ceramic memorial discs for each person we cremate. From June one uniquely numbered disc is placed on each coffin, and because it survives the cremation process, it can accompany the ashes as a reassuring extra proof of identity.

Seeing for Yourself

While direct cremation at its heart is not associated with any particular ceremony, we do offer the chance for up to 12 people to say goodbye in person and even to witness the placement of the coffin in the cremation chamber. For some this is a traditional ritual, but we recognise that this option should be available to anyone who might find it comforting.

These are the steps we take to give you complete confidence that the ashes you receive are indeed those of the special person you entrusted to our care. If you have any remaining questions or concerns about cremation, please get in touch with us today, and we’ll gladly answer any questions you have.