The Big Future of Funerals Survey 2022


Saying goodbye to someone who has died is an extremely important life moment, but how families choose to do this is changing very rapidly. This cultural shift is something that industry professionals, policy makers and other stakeholders have struggled to understand and respond to.


The Big Future of Funerals Survey 2022 collected responses from people who have pre-purchased a new kind of funeral plan, a direct cremation plan. It is the largest piece of research ever conducted in the UK into consumer attitudes to funerals and is the second of its kind. 

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A landmark report for the funeral industry

With 17,135 responses from Pure Cremation Funeral Planning customers the 2022 report offers important insights into how consumer attitudes have already changed, and how UK funerals will evolve.


Since 2019 there has been a dramatic and rapid increase in the number of direct cremation plan holders, with sales of this style of plan growing faster than any other. This indicates that the appeal of direct cremation has broadened very quickly, and the pace of this change will be of real concern, presenting an unprecedented challenge to all those providers who rely on customers choosing a more traditional send-off. 


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Pure’s experts have come up with a series of predictions for the future of funerals based on the research. Click the button below to view the report or if you would prefer a printed copy please email your details to [email protected].


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